Frequently Asked Questions

You Have Questions—We Have Answers

Financial planning is a complex practice, and a lot goes into the planning process. These are some of the common questions many clients have that we can help answer and plan for during a one-on-one consultation.

Will repositioning my assets lower or eliminate tax on my Social Security?

Through the compliant use of trusts, income-generating products and other devices, you may be able to reduce and eliminate personal income taxes and taxes on future generations.

Can I pay off my mortgage and get an income from my house without losing my home?

With certain strategies, such as the reverse mortgage, suitable candidates can tap into their equity while staying in their homes.

How can I minimize the impact of my kids’ college costs while continuing to fund my retirement plan?

You don’t have to sacrifice one priority for another. We can help you create a plan that minimizes the financial impact of college costs without it sabotaging your retirement planning.

Can I pay for nursing care without sacrificing my children’s inheritance and my spouse’s lifestyle?

There are products that have multiple uses and affordable premiums that can both help secure your inheritance and spouse’s lifestyle while also providing resources for nursing home and other long-term care expenses.

How can I be sure that my IRA assets will pass to my intended beneficiary?

Without properly appointed IRA beneficiaries, your assets could be decimated by estate taxes and distributed through probate. Find out how to properly assign IRA beneficiaries in a way that won’t be contestable.

Is there a way to get reasonably high returns without risking my nest egg?

They say there’s no return without risk, but we can help you find products that prove this statement untrue.

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