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Compass Financial Solutions is a premium Newtown Square long term care insurance company that offers custom plans for long term care insurance, finance services and retirement planning services in Newtown Square PA. We specialize in quality insurance plans and life insurance policies and have serviced clients in Newtown Square Pennsylvania for many years. We design our LTC insurance policies to help cover expenses from nursing home stays or at-home care in some cases. Nursing home expenses can be very costly, so our goal is to offer plans that focus on the specific needs of each client to help preserve their post-retirement income effectively.

If a post-retirement plan isn’t properly structured, an individual in Newtown Square runs the risk of draining their income quickly. This is due to the high costs of certain premiums that aren’t always necessary. When you discuss an LTC Insurance plan with one of our professionals, we take the time to understand your needs so we can put together a plan to save you the most income while still offering quality protection. One example is annuities. These are great for preserving income in Newtown Square, especially when dealing with long-term care expenses. If you’re looking to preserve your post-retirement income and would like to discuss available long term care solutions in Newtown Square, give Compass a call at (610) 449-9900 to request an appointment.

Newtown Square Long Term Care Insurance Benefits

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As mentioned above, annuities are a great solution for income preservation with long term care insurance in Newtown Square, and are one of the many options we offer in our plans. They offer principal protection as well as locked-in gains, both of which help you save on your insurance expenses over time. They are also designed with your needs and goals in mind. One major benefit is that LTC insurance helps cover nursing home benefits and costs. At Compass Financial Solutions, we are experienced in helping prepare people of all age groups for their future. We can help optimize existing plans or set up new ones if necessary. If you need help planning your long term care insurance in Newtown Square, contact Compass Financial Solutions today.

Long Term Care Insurance Planning in Newtown Square

We believe that planning for your retirement should be easy, and our Newtown Square LTC insurance planners help you prepare so you can enjoy your post-retirement income. Our policies are optimized to maximize the benefits available over time. With inflation protection, your benefits continue to increase even as nursing home care rises in cost. If you have any questions about your insurance plan during the process, we make ourselves readily available to answer any questions or concerns. Our number one priority is to help you handle all financial needs you have after retirement. When you’re planning your retirement and want to speak to experts on long term care insurance, you can request an appointment with Compass.

Our Newtown Square Long Term Care Insurance Plans Can Help With:
  • Nursing Home Care
  • Post-Retirement Income
  • Saving Retirement Income
  • Annuities
  • Income Preservation
  • Benefits for Life Insurance Policies
  • Inflation Protection
  • Daily Benefits with LTC Insurance
  • Healthcare Planning
  • Retirement Planning

If you’re looking for Newtown Square long term care insurance services or are in need of post-retirement insurance planners in Newtown Square PA 19073, give Compass Financial Solutions a call at (610) 449-9900 or fill out our contact form to request an appointment with the Compass Financial Team today.

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